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Are you ready for a whole new level of leadership?

Do you want to create a bigger impact in your life?
Want to study advanced yoga methodology & practices?

If that's a hell yes, you're in the right place.

We offer one 300-hr training per year.

The training commitment is one full year.

From July 9th, 2022 to June 4th, 2023.

In our 300-hour online training, we will be expanding...

  • The practices and techniques of Baptiste Yoga:
    Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry.

  • The 5 domains of mastery: Delivery, Mechanics, Communal Environment, Methodology & Self.

  • Depth of teaching: Theming, implementing different styles and techniques (Peak pose/workshopping, Conversational, Teaching with music, etc)


  • You will discover and break through old patterns, ways of being, and limiting beliefs that no longer support the person you are becoming.


To register for our training, please fill out the information below (no payment required).

300-Hour Online Yoga Training:

Begins July 9th, 2022.



Saturday:     9am - 7pm ET
Sunday:        9am - 7pm ET


July 9-10

August 6-7

September 3-4

October 1-2

November 5-6

December 3-4
Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2023

January 7-8

February 4-5

March 4-5

April 1-2

May 6-7
June 3-4

All sessions take place digitally on zoom.



Tuition:  $1,500

BPYFM 200-hr graduates:  $500 off

BPYFM 300-hr graduates:  FREE

                                               Meet your facilitator











Brandon Sommers is the owner and founder of Baptiste Power Yoga Fort Myers, a Tier 3 Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Influencer, and a FIT to Lead graduate with over 1500 training hours with the Baptiste Institute.

Since 2018, Brandon has attended over 20 programs with both the Baptiste Institute and the Baptiste Foundation, 15 of which were led by Baron Baptiste.  He has worked on team at 5 week-long Baptiste Institute programs and has a very unique perspective to the flow and understanding of Baptiste trainings and the methodology.

Brandon has been a permanent teacher at 5 different Baptiste Affiliate Studios, in addition to guest teaching at many others.  Prior to launching his own training programs, Brandon co-facilitated teacher trainings at one previous studio in Nashville, in addition to being a guest facilitator at two additional yoga studios / teacher training programs in Idaho & Florida.


Brandon is very passionate about supporting the Baptiste Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at serving populations such as youth, veterans & first responders, and BIPOC.  Having spent 15+ years in a previous career working mainly with youth, Brandon developed a passion for teaching yoga to youth and it's a personal mission of his to continue to spread the work of the Baptiste Foundation to youth everywhere.


Brandon is also a partner with Africa Yoga Project, another non-profit co-founded by Baron Baptiste & Paige Elenson, in addition to being a mentor with the organization.

Brandon Picture.jpg

In our 300-hr training, we meet one weekend a month for an entire year.

Here's a preview of just SOME of the topics we will be looking at in-depth over the course of ONE FULL YEAR together in the training...

5 Domains of Mastery of Baptiste Yoga:

Mastery of Delivery:  We'll look at the specific words we use (as a teacher and in our lives) and use them to work for us in creating powerful experiences for ourselves and our students.  We will also look at the psychology of delivery in the realm of teaching and facilitating programs and workshops.

Mastery of Mechanics:  Diving deep into anatomy, alignment, and how our bodies are made to create the greatest results in our own practice, and for that of our students.

Mastery of Communal Environment:  The art of harnessing all the energy of a room - both in-person and online.  Creating a space and a container as a facilitator and leader through details and intentionality to shape the listening for the students.

Mastery of Methodology:  Flushing out the methodology even more, and knowing how to use it and draw from it in the moment, as a way to serve the experience and what's needed.

Mastery of Self:  Understanding yourself on a deeper level so you can get clear to show up fully for others without letting anything else get in the way.  Showing up for you, your habits, your commitments, and creating a life you love.

Facilitation training...we will cover how to lead programs, whether it's a 2-hour workshop, a 40-days program, or an entire teacher training!  The principles are all the same (just as in our asana practice) and the scale of the project is malleable (just like the intensity of a pose - scale up or scale down).

Lots of guest teachers!  You know how I love to share and spread the love's not just about one person...all my yoga career I've been constantly learning from dozens of teachers, and I specifically look for opportunities to learn from people I haven't yet, to broaden my scope, to learn new things.  I know first-hand the value of learning from multiple sources, and I am committed to bringing many incredible leaders in the global community to be a part of the training.

Recordings of each session are always provided to each participant after each weekend gathering, for those who have a conflict or who simply want to go back and interact with the sessions again and again.  What an incredible opportunity thanks to zoom!

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